Work Place Mediation

Are you unhappy with the way some of your staff members interact with each other? Might your organization be more effective AND have a positive work environment if a few people would just choose to behave differently? If you want a workplace where conflicts addressed and resolved peacefully, where people are trained to have difficult conversations with positive results, call Iowa Mediation Service and Ask for a Workplace Culture Coach and Mediator!

Most of your employees want to come to a workplace where they look forward to interacting with their co-workers. It’s a feeling of security to know that our work environment is supportive, fun, and productive! To be anxious that the people we work with do not have our best interests in mind, or will in some way make our day less enjoyable creates less than perfect work days, is bad for business, and negatively impacts everyone involved!

Still, even in the most effective and pleasant workplace, conflict and bad feelings between co-workers exists. Some times co-workers see the wisdom of sitting down together and figuring out how to get back on track, however, many more times everyone just holds their breath in HOPES that peace will happen without any intervention. Usually, it’s NOT peace that happens! It’s increased conflict!

True Story: Co-workers, Chris and Sandy, were both angry, hurt, and totally convinced that they would never be able to work peaceably next to each other. Their jobs were intertwined, and what each of them did impacted the effectiveness of the other. Chris firmly believed that Sandy was the villain, and Sandy, firmly believed that Chris was the villain. The IMS mediator met individually with Chris and with Sandy, exploring what they wanted, and how they believed the other person was trying to keep them from getting what they desired. Sandy wanted information from Chris that she felt Chris was withholding. Chris believed that Sandy just didn’t like her from the beginning. In the session with the mediator they both actually listened to each other. The feeling in the room started to shift. They could see how their own ways of thinking and behaving had gotten in the way, and decided how they wanted to go forward.

A letter that the IMS mediator received from Sandy a couple weeks later read,
“Thanks so much for your help. Chris and I are working well together, and everything is going great! I can’t tell you how much better I feel about coming to work!”