Farm Mediation

Iowa law provides for several types of rural mediation, including farmer-creditor, farm nuisance, and care and feeding contracts. These types of mediation are mandatory under the Iowa Code 654. In each case, the requesting party makes a formal application to Iowa Mediation Service, providing contact information and details of the dispute when appropriate. Our receipt of the request starts a 42-day period, 21 days during which the responding party has a chance to decide on mediation, and if mediation is desired, a further 21 days for Iowa Mediation Service to schedule a session.

In mediation, the parties control the outcome. A trained mediator helps each side hear the other clearly and helps all parties consider their options in a thoughtful manner. The process is confidential and far less expensive than litigation.

In cases where the parties cannot come to an agreement, a release is given. If the parties do find a workable solution, the mediator will create an agreement for all parties to sign. Once signed, this agreement is legally binding on all participants.

Iowa Mediation Service also offers voluntary mediation between neighbors, co-workers, or any parties who are in conflict. For more information about mediation, contact Kiley Mars at 515-331-8081.