Family Mediation

When families are hurting, a trained professional can often help address conflicts and work toward solutions. Iowa Mediation Service offers a variety of family mediations and facilitations, whether for couples, parents and children, or across the generations. These can be one-time sessions for an hour, or a series of meetings to deal with several issues and to gradually develop solutions that work for all.

Family conflicts can be some of the most difficult to face, but having a neutral third party to help all sides hear one another and to offer creative solutions may be just what your family needs to deal with those difficult roadblocks. Since mediation is designed to find solutions that work for all, family members are not pitted against each other in an adversarial situation. When all sides have been heard, and when all parties are in agreement, the successful resolution of any problem is greater.

If you are involved in a family dispute in Iowa and wish to learn more about what Iowa Mediation Service can offer, please contact us at 515-331-8081.